To encourage and assist fibre artists to achieve their
fullest potential by providing advice, facilities
and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

Meetings held weekly on Wednesday at Possum Hollow Hall within Townsville Showgrounds, Hyde Park. 10am - 1-00pm

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Margaret Wretham

As a long time member of Fibres and Fabrics you are recognised to be talented and creative. How do you define yourself – art/craft wise? A mixed media textile artist with a passion for silk painting and recycled wearable art.

Are you more comfortable working in one particular medium than most others? Love playing with silk exploring arashi shibori, recycling found objects.

Are there any artists or crafters who, more than any others, have influenced you in your creative life and why? Ken Smith started my love of silk, Patricia Black with her arashi shibori silk techniques.

Describe your workspace. Work from my garage generally where my steamer frames and dyes live.

What 3 tools could you not live without? Silk steamer, scissors, hot glue gun.

Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? From time to time.

We all share our knowledge at Fibres and Fabrics. Do you extend this in any way by participating in or teaching workshops? Have given various workshops in silk painting and art books.

How do you inspire your creativity when you’re stuck? Talk to Jackie Elmore on the tablelands or go walking on a beach collecting things.

If cost wasn’t an issue, what avenues would you choose to explore to expand your skills? I would fly to Italy and spend two weeks with Patricia Black playing with silk.

How do you balance your life? Family, friends, swimming, beach, baking cup cakes for Ronald McDonald House.

I know we can expect an amazing piece of creativity from you in the coming Alba Leucos exhibition at Umbrella Studio in August. Has any of your other work appeared, or is it going to appear, in a display or exhibition either collaboratively or alone? If so where and when? Wearable art pieces at Hobart Art on Legs in July, Pieces in an exhibition at Perc Tucker Gallery with 12 artists choosing to paint portrait of seniors.

What does your work mean to you?  My work is the expression of my creative imagination that has to emerge . My work is my relaxation, comes from my spirit, and is my love of life.

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