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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Knitted Masterpieces

Please share with Fibers and Fabrics, these are fabulous:

We are at home for another few weeks before resuming our aborted sabbatical journey. During that time, I have been madly exorcising the ghost of the Christchurch earthquake by making "comfort" quilts that my quilting group has been obligingly machine quilting. Working with one's hand is very healing. Interestingly enough, it is Qantas Airways which will ship them gratis to NZ, Air New Zealand declined as they are (understandably) overwhelmed with the relief effort.

Isn't the situation in Japan ghastly? It is scary but Santa Barbara is in a somewhat similar position - in a seismic fault zone, a nuclear power plant nearby located on the ocean, limited ingress/egress from the city (3 roads to be exact) and an airport built on a drained marsh subject, of course, to possible liquefaction in the event of a temblor. Well, all one can do is be prepared and believe me, Bob and I are.

All the best to you all in Townsville,


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