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Monday, 18 April 2011

Getting to know Selena Smith.

pushing the boundaries oil on canvas purchased by an art therapist in Perth.

How do you categorize yourself – art/craft wise.   As a full-time artist, mentor and public speaker.
·         Are there any artists or crafters who, more than any others, have influenced you in your creative life and why? Rowan Atkinson as he has always done his own thing and disregarded critics. Margaret Olley as she is a strong woman who is still painting copiously.
·         Describe your workspaceA little chaotic, relaxed and spacious, shared and fun to be in….in fact I sometimes spend 6 days a week there.
·         What 3 tools could you not live without? Paint, recycled papers and my contact lenses…without them I am extremely blind.
·         Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? Sometimes. I have 20 full at the moment….but I am an organic painter and go with the moment and lose myself in the process…then tweak the work at the end.
·         Do you share your knowledge of your own particular field with others and in what way? All the time, I run classes for the artistically challenged and childrens’ art classes.
·         Would Studio2 have a list of these classes for people who are interested? Yes, the classes are at the studio. The artistically challenged series are for adults who believe that they cannot draw...but if a stick figure is all they can do, I can take it further with them. The children’s classes are divided into two areas. Firstly  master classes for those with skill and who would like to enter competitions and develop their skill  and  secondly the creative kids class for creative exploration of materials and styles.
·         How do you inspire your creativity when you’re stuckPaint the canvas a random colour and then let the colour talk to me. It reveals my mood too.
·         If money wasn't an issue, how would you further develop yourself in your field?  Travel and partake in residencies all over the world.
·         How do you balance your lifeArt first and last, family first and second, both of these are fun. So I feel content.

My first painting that sold at an exhibition in 2003. This is done in pointillism style.

·         Have you recently or are you planning to soon exhibit you work, either collaboratively in a group or alone? If so where and when?  Yes I have just exhibited at Umbrella Studio. Utilizing the vault space and stairwell, it was called N TWINE and looked at our relationship with trees. I collected driftwood and built a tree and drew trees with human forms entwined. It opened in Jan and closed in March. And I have an exhibition at Studio 2 in June so I am painting madly for that around my normal supply of work for the Studio and a few commissions. It’s to be REVERSING FORWARD WITH FRIENDS and open on June 3. It explores numbers and games with friends and will have interactive elements for visitors to the studio. Thank you, Selena. We look forward to following your career into the future.
N Twine

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  1. Fantastic, well done to you both, Carol & Selena..