To encourage and assist fibre artists to achieve their
fullest potential by providing advice, facilities
and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

Meetings held weekly on Wednesday at Possum Hollow Hall within Townsville Showgrounds, Hyde Park. 10am - 1-00pm

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Getting to know Johanna!

The fact that you’re a member of Fibres and Fabrics shows you are creative by nature. Define yourself – art/craft wise? My creativity is driven by my desire to recycle…often ideas are borne out of my need to re-use something, often not in its original form.

Are you more comfortable working in one particular medium than most others? I’m equally happy working with fabric or yarn. I do a little metal and woodwork too.

Are there any artists or crafters who, more than any others, have influenced you in your creative life and why? My mother is an accomplished needlewoman and taught me at an early age to sew, knit and crochet. Now in her ninetieth year, she continues to inspire my efforts. I’m also inspired by writers, painters and musicians from different cultures and periods in history.

Describe your workspace. One bedroom is converted to a studio space to do all the different types of craft I enjoy. Two windows look out into the trees, where I can see Birdwing butterflies and many species of birds flitting about.

What 3 tools could you not live without? My sewing-machine, needles and my hands.

Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? I don’t always plan my projects, sometimes they just have their own life and I adapt as I go. Occasionally I’ll jot ideas down and sometimes there’ll be a sketch too.

 We all share our knowledge at Fibres and Fabrics. Do you extend this in any way by participating in or teaching workshops?  I’ve had a student coming to learn all kinds of needlework techniques since she was six years old; last year she made her first dress without much assistance from me, she’ll be twelve this year.

How do you inspire your creativity when you’re stuck? I’m rarely stuck for ideas, rather how to execute can sometimes be a conundrum. I’ll usually pick up a different project and then ideas will present themselves.

 If cost wasn’t an issue, what avenues would you choose to explore to expand your skills? I’d like to travel to see the world’s museum collections of fibre arts and garments.

 How do you balance your life? Gardening is as necessary to me as the sewing arts and I also raise Birdwing butterflies and am a porcelain painter.

Has any of your work appeared, or is it going to appear, in a display or exhibition either collaboratively or alone? If so where and when? I’ve quite a few private commissions but have not exhibited anywhere…..who knows what the future may bring?

What does your work mean to you? I just love making things…so I find myself doing some sort craft activity every day…it’s a must!