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fullest potential by providing advice, facilities
and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Moya O'Keeffe

The fact that you’re a member of Fibres and Fabrics shows you are creative by nature. Define yourself – art/craft wise? Am I Creative??? Define myself – Have never really thought about doing this before, but here goes. Example – Marlene King Workshop where we worked with curves. Her quilt was flowing curves, very beautiful, but not me, so with her permission, I designed and made a dragon, with lots of flowing flames, tail and background etc. Example – Another workshop, on a wall hanging, subject Blue Wren; my wren was the local Red and black one. Result – I seem to be only ½ creative. I borrow techniques, but use them for my projects – or – am I just contrary???
Are you more comfortable working in one particular medium than most others?
Particular favourite? Painting, but I don’t consider myself good enough to show, and don’t have enough wall space to hang my daubs, and not enough friends I wish to alienate by gifting them with one. So have been working with fabric (quilts etc are easier to find homes for) and I can combine both paint and material, and if I mess up, the dogs don’t mind what they sleep on.
Are there any artists or crafters who, more than any others, have influenced you in your creative life and why?
Gwen Dillon, a folk art teacher, who taught and encouraged me to use her techniques, but doesn’t mind when I don’t do folk art. Margaret Dunn, who encouraged by example, though have yet to have a go at Stumpwork or Photography. Members of Fibres and Fabrics, though they probably don’t realise they are doing it.
Describe your workspace. 
Having had my craft room moved 7 times, I now have my very own “Womb” as my husband calls it. It is large and airy, and I have filled (over filled) it to capacity. I am a hoarder and have fabric, dress and other, from years back, decades actually. I have my original Singer sewing machine, purchased when I was 15 – and it still works well – plus many others. It does, alas, also hold ‘stuff’ my children could not find room for in their homes. I have as assistants: 3 dogs, 1 dopey rooster and 3 Mallard ducks, who make it their business to make life unbearable for the aforementioned animals. Needless to say they are not really welcome (they are not potty trained like the others).
What 3 tools could you not live without?
Paint brush, sewing machine(s), companions (animals, although I wish they would not sit on machine footpedals) and husband – without which I would not have a “Womb”.
Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? 
Should have started one about 50 years ago, but have one now and even try to keep it up to date. Unlike some friends, I cannot write and listen at workshops, so mine only contain work I have done, ideas of things I want to do and design ideas of things I would like to do.
We all share our knowledge at Fibres and Fabrics. Do you extend this in any way by participating in or teaching workshops?
I have mainly been a participant, though have given a number of workshops to a local craft group of which I am a member.
How do you inspire your creativity when you’re stuck? 
Unstick creativity block??? Happens quite often. I first go to my fabric stash, then visit my library, have a cip of tea and talk it over with the dogs (not too much help there though) or as they say “phone a friend” or bring it up at a Fibres meeting, I suppose.
If cost wasn’t an issue, what avenues would you choose to explore to expand your skills?
If cost was not an object, I would visit art galleries, museums and go to any and all craft shows and do any available workshops that interest me.
How do you balance your life? 
Balance? Who has balance? In percentages: 80% spent with craft interests, 19% spent with family, 1% with housework.
Has any of your work appeared, or is it going to appear, in a display or exhibition either collaboratively or alone? If so where and when? 
Some of my work has been places in the local Community Centre, also some in a recent display at the Umbrella Studio with other Fibres members. I also display at Quilting Show and Tells.
What does your work mean to you?
Because of an accident my mobility has been much reduced and time spent designing, making and talking about crafts keeps me relatively sane and my brain active. Crafting also allows me to interact with people who enjoy the same interests.
Thank you, Moya. Lovely chatting to you!

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