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fullest potential by providing advice, facilities
and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Veronica Sands

The fact that you’re a member of Fibres and Fabrics shows you are creative by nature. Define yourself – art/craft wise? I would say more textile - cottons, wool - knitting, crochet, cross stitch and more recently Bobbin Lace.
Are you more comfortable working in one particular medium than most others? Yes, just the ones mentioned not fond in getting stuck up, no glue junky here. The three photo's I have attached are of an "Angel" cross stitch I finished a couple of Years ago and of a cross stitch "Frog Pile" and Bobbin Lace that I am working on now.

Are there any artists or crafters who, more than any others, have influenced you in your creative life and why? My father was always making things and as a child I use to sit in his work shop and watch him turn out some beautiful lamp shade stands and fruit bowls on his lathe then mum would make the shades. More recent, my sister Margaret has been working on a beautiful Bobbin Lace piece and on my trip to Perth in March she taught me how to do it.

Describe your workspace. I have a spare room with a trestle table for my cross stitch and sewing and a drafts table for my Bobbin Lace.
What 3 tools could you not live without? I guess they would be my frames I work with makes working the cross stitch easier, cottons and needles and also my draft table its great to be able to adjust the height and slant of the table.
Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? No, not now. I use to and can see the value in having a record of what I have made so it will be added to my list of things to do.
We all share our knowledge at Fibres and Fabrics. Do you extend this in any way by participating in or teaching workshops? No not now. When I was working in Aged Care both in Nursing Homes and the Respite Centre I taught a lot of different crafts.
How do you inspire your creativity when you’re stuck? I like to look through craft books and craft shops.
If cost wasn’t an issue, what avenues would you choose to explore to expand your skills? Attend work shops on what interests me.
How do you balance your life? I try to do a half hour of exercise each day and I enjoy listening to music.
Has any of your work appeared, or is it going to appear, in a display or exhibition either collaboratively or alone? If so where and when? No, not as yet
What does your work mean to you? A lot, I like and need to be doing something with my hands and I enjoy seeing a project taking shape.

Thank you Veronica for giving us this insight into your work.

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