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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Getting to Know Janet Banks

1.    How do you categorize yourself – art/craft wise?

Book artist
Everyone will know Janet's work which has featured prominently in many of the Fibres and Fabrics displays and exhibitions.

2.    Is there one artist or crafter who more than any other has influenced you in your creative life and why?

Jean LittleJohn, and Jan Beaney  The concept that embroidery stitches do not have to be perfectly uniform; that a piece of work could be composed entirely of one stitch worked in varying sizes and threads to produce an amazing variety of texture.

3.    Describe your workspace. 

For many years total chaos but becoming more organised and am learning to tidy up after a day’s work.  I am beginning to realise the time saved by not having to go searching for something that may or may not be where you think you used it last.

4.    What 3 tools could you not live without?

Paper, pencil, eraser

5.    Do you keep a sketchbook or journal? 

I keep an art journal, which is a cross between a visual and written diary.  My sketchbook pages usually find their way into my art journal. Project notes are usually scribbled on the back of scrap paper pads which are shredded as I work through or discard ideas.

6.    Do you teach? Where and when?

I teach fibreart at Fibres and Fabrics in Townsville, and embroidery online for

7.    How do you inspire your creativity when you’re stuck? 

I don’t.  Read a book instead.  The spark will flare by itself in its own time.

8.    If money wasn't an issue, how would you further develop yourself in your         field? 

Art lessons in composition and design

9.    How do you balance your life? 

The family are used to my creative starts and support me with advice and no recriminations if tea is late, inedible or completely forgotten.

10. Have you recently or are you planning to soon exhibit you work? If so where and when? 

I routinely show my work to the world on my blog:

Thank you for sharing your art life with us Janet.

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