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and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Poppies, poppies and even more poppies

In the middle of last year it was decided to create something to commemorate Rememberance day and also Anzac day using poppies created from fibres.
Dinie G., was the first one creating poppies, Annette took up the challenge and mustered help from all members of Fibres and also created the final installation.  This piece was part of the Umbrella Gallery members exhibition which was entitled 'Memory'.
Below are some photos of the final piece in situ at Umbrella Gallery and also now on the second floor of Federation Place, Townsville.
The piece is called 'we do remember them'.
There were 1450 poppies created all up, thanks to the members.

Re installed at Federation Place, second floor.

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