To encourage and assist fibre artists to achieve their
fullest potential by providing advice, facilities
and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

Meetings held weekly on Wednesday at Possum Hollow Hall within Townsville Showgrounds, Hyde Park. 10am - 1-00pm

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fibers Christmas members Party Celebration

Earlier this month Fibres held it's Annual Christmas Members Lunch.  We have a theme each year and this years was the letter 'P'.  
 Table one
 Table two
We had a wonderful lunch, and all the costumes were fabulous.
 Here is just a few, the pink ladies
 Pea Pod
 Porcupine, pet and pressies
Poinsettia and the Pirate, having a bit of fun....
And our winner was.....
The Porcupine...... with special mention to a few goodies, but the best part of the day was our 'Pink Ladies' rendition of 12 days of a stitching Christmas...... enjoy...
On the 12th day of christmas my true love gave to me...
12 bouncing buttons
11 purple pom poms
10 lassies stitching
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a milking
7 ribbons swaying
6 scissors cutting
5 gold rings
4 quilting pins
3 french knickers
2 teabag earrings
and a pincushion in a mug tree......

thank you, and Merry Christmas everyone.



  1. oh we had a great time didn't we..
    such 'great' singers.... :)

  2. Well done Arlene! Great post and video, too. Those girls are better artists than singers, though!!