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social environment.

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Friday, 10 December 2010

Our Christmas Party 2010 - it was a "T" Party!!

One of our most esteemed members was honoured for her brazenness at our final gathering for 2010.

On Wednesday 8th December we shared a really good time at our final gathering of the year, our joint Christmas luncheon. Every year a letter of the alphabet is pulled from a hat for the following year's dress-up theme. This year it was "T". The winner is pictured above. For her own protection and to avoid her email box being overloaded with requests for appointments, we will let you guess who she is! To see lots more photos please use this link: T Party and watch the slide show.

(And, by the way, for next Christmas it will be "S" so get your thinking caps on early.)

Edit:  More photos added by Janet Friday Dec 17

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