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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Creative Demo-Day

Yesterday, Friday 12th November, we had lots of fun and laughter at a day of sharing techniques with each other. Janet B brought the day together for us. It was most enjoyable and big success, thank you Janet.

First, Annette showed us how to transfer images printed on normal printer paper with either an inkjet printer or a laser printer using two different mediums: Clear Glaze Medium and Orange Power.
Then Annette wielded her hammer to smash the colour out of unsuspecting foliage and flowers and into cloth to demonstrate India Flint's 'hapazome' technique.

At one point, Marion showed us how to make envelopes out of magazine pages, posters or calendars. I must apologise but I was too engrossed to take any photos. Will make an envelope and insert a photo of it later!

Deb introduced us to sun dyes and she and Janet showed us something of what can be achieved using them. Unfortunately this was a passive demonstration because the sun was being shy on the day.
I'm losing track of the order in which things were done now, but I think it was next that I (Carol) messed around with flour and water to show an easy resist for painting onto cloth.
Marion showed us how she weaves so beautifully on wire frames. We were all itching to try .......
Janet revealed the secrets of foiling using a glue stick and (below) Barb followed up with foiling using Vleisfix.

Barbara ended off the day getting some amazing results distorting Tyvek and florist's paper with the heat of an iron.

What a day! It was sooooo good, Janet. Thank you, again.

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  1. Gorgeous Carol, groan groan, did you have to put face photos??? groan groan... lol grinning..