To encourage and assist fibre artists to achieve their
fullest potential by providing advice, facilities
and educational material in an enjoyable
social environment.

Meetings held weekly on Wednesday at Possum Hollow Hall within Townsville Showgrounds, Hyde Park. 10am - 1-00pm

Monday, 16 August 2010

Rags, the Dark and Other Distractions!

I must apologise for recently neglecting the blog. There are so many distractions at the moment! Don't forget the NQ Show and Tell on Saturday, from 6 am for working members of Fibres - yes in the dark!  Take a deep breath Suzanne, you're not alone and it's going to be great. And don't forget your pre-election vote - thanks Julia for choosing the 21st when we'd booked it first. Then there are the Totems. Hope yours is coming together more efficiently than mine?! Then Annette gave us a workshop on making rag bags and baskets and distracted me from more pressing matters big time. The two shoulder baskets pictured are mine made since last Friday, that's how distracted I am. Good timing Annette! But thanks. Those of us who attended are enamoured of the technique.

Then, I hope you're working on your Lengths of the Earth pieces..............................?

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